If we aren't going to pay educators what they are worth, at least we can provide them with resources to care for their mental, physical, and emotional health.

According to a National Education Association poll of its 3 million members, 55% of educators indicate that they are ready to leave the profession. ​​

Data from the Gallup-Health-ways Well-Being Index found that 46% of teachers in K-12 settings report high levels of daily stress during the school year.

TeacherFit is a PROACTIVE Mindfulness, Fitness, Yoga, & Nutrition program designed specifically for education professionals

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“It was such a no brainer, such an opportunity for Principals to support their staff’s health and well being. Plus it’s practically free!!”

— Hamish Brewer, Principal


The ONLY program designed specifically to meet the needs of educators through affordable, efficient, and effective mindfulness, fitness, and yoga classes. Plus additional programs for your students!

Mindfulness & Mental Health Resources

Access to our mindfulness and stress management tool library.

Yoga Class Library

Access to our full TeacherFit Yoga class library.

Fitness Class Library

Access to 100's of TeacherFit Fitness classes ranging from bodyweight only, dumbbell strength, and core strength focused classes.

Educator Community Accountability

Connect with other educators from around the world via the TeacherFit app.

Student Movement Breaks

Wellness mental health & movement breaks for your students.

Wellness & Nutrition Challenges

Wellness habit challenges and access to run your own.


We understand that educators deserve a high quality wellness program that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t take away from their already busy schedule. You give your all to students day in and day out and we want to give you the tools to be your best.

Through our programs we give you the options you need to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally for the long term. We also give you a variety of programs that keeps things fun and interesting so you want to keep using the program to reach your goals.

We are not in the quick fix game. We are committed to you and we want you to be committed to us and an active member of our community of wellness minded educators around the world.

24/7/365 Access - Only $5 per Educator

“Thank you! My staff is so excited about this. They have already told me about different aspects/workouts that they have been trying out. This was the perfect time to give this to them."

— Liz Garden, Principal

How does the program work?



Schedule a discovery call to learn more about our programs. We'll provide you with a custom no obligation quote.



We will send you an official invoice and W9. Payment can be made online or through a purchase order.



Once payment is received, we will send you a school launch package that includes- instructions for all staff to gain access to our programs and your private wellness group inside of our platform.



Decide on your school or district's launch day. Send out communication to your staff about the program's features and how to access it.

“Thank you TeacherFit! I am so glad I found this program and cannot wait to continue after the May Challenge!!”

-Christine Beverly, Teacher

“I’m not big on posting on social media but I wanted to share my habit tracker! Thank you for the workouts and resources. I love having a goal to work towards each day!”

-Jordan Dalton, Teacher

I'm interested for my school!

I'm interested for my district!

" TeacherFit is an incredible program and beneficial to any staff!! Thank you TeacherFit! "

- Bo Bryan, TeacherFit School Principal


Give your staff the tools they need to live a healthier lifestyle. Join our community and jump in TODAY!