A social, emotional, mental, and physical wellness tool designed to maximize counselor impact and provide students the resources they need to advocate for their wellness.

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Advocate Counseling Features

Counselors and Students are provided access from any computer or smart device, our goal is to allow students to self-advocate for their wellness and receive help and recommendations from their counselors at any appropriate time.

Social Emotional Learning Library

Mindfulness Practice Library

Daily Student Wellness Check-In

Fitness Class Library

Counselor Student Reporting

Yoga Class Library

Daily Wellness Check-In

The purpose of the Advocate Daily Wellness Check-In is to provide a proactive social, emotional, and mental wellness tool to students and counselors. By using the Advocate program, counselors can prioritize their student contacts, multiply their impact, and keep a pulse on the well-being of their students.

The Advocate program allows students to self-advocate for their mental and emotional wellness and receive proactive care from their school counselor. Advocate solves the problem of the ever-increasing student to counselor ratio.

Daily Check-In Features:

- Student App/Website based check-in

- Counselor reporting of check-in results

- Student comments and appointment request

Check out the Advocate Site Demo

See what your students will see on a daly basis and what the counselor interface looks like.

Student wellness library of mental, physical and emotional tool samples.

Program Partnership

Program partnership provides all counseling staff and students access to Advocate program.

Become a member of a PROACTIVE mental, social and emotional counseling program.

Advocate Counseling program is designed for grades 5-12.

1,3,& 5 year Advocate Programs are available.